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How to Choose a Headset

1. Looking for a headset to use with a standard, corded desk telephone?

Simply select one of our recommended Complete Packages complete with headset and amplifier or use the blue tabs at the left side of the screen to choose your headset and your amplifier separately. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Do you want a traditional corded headset or a completely wireless headset?

  • How would you like to wear your headset?

  • Is your work environment noisy or quiet? All Plantronics "H" series headsets (those with model numbers beginning with an "H") come in your choice of microphone design:
    • Noise-canceling microphone - Reduces background noise; ideal for noisy call centers and busy office environments
    • Voice Tube - more economical, ideal for quieter office environments

  • Do you prefer one ear-pad or two?
    • Monaural - one ear-pad (all headset models)
    • Binaural - two ear-pads; ideal for very noisy call centers and offices.

  • All Plantronics "H" series headsets (those with model numbers beginning with an "H") require an external amplifier, patch cable or adapter to connect to your single- or multi-line telephone. Check to see if your phone is "headset-ready" and buy the correct connector cable. For phones that are not headset-ready, you will need an amplifier:
    • First, click here to determine if your telephone model is headset-ready.
    • If your phone is not headset-ready, you'll need a an amplifier such as the Plantronics M22 Vista universal amplifier. It is compatible with most single- and multi-line telephones
    • Polaris - If you have a Nortel Meridian, Norstar, NEC Dterm series or Mitel SuperSet there is a good chance that you will not require an external amplifier (like the M22) to connect your headset to your telephone. Check to see if your phone system is listed and then purchase any P-series Plantronics headset which comes complete with the necessary cable to connect directly to your phone. Click here to determine if your phone system is known to be "headset-ready and therefore compatible with Plantronics Polaris P-series headsets."
    • Many other phones are headset-ready and therefore do not require an external amplifier. They may need a special connector cable. Click here to see if your phone has a direct headset port.

    2. Headsets for Cellular Phones:

    Are you looking for a traditional corded headset that will plug into your cellular phone? The Plantronics cellular headsets are those with model numbers beginning with "M." Click here for Plantronics Headsets for Cellular. Looking for a Bluetooth wireless headset for your cell phone, PDA or laptop? Click here for Plantronics Bluetooth headsets.

    3. Headsets for Cordless Telephones:

    Are you looking for a headset that will plug into your existing cordless telephone? Check to see if your cordless phone has a 2.5mm headset jack (standard on most cordless phones manufactured in the past few years). Once you've determined that your cordless phone is equipped with a headset jack, simply click on the blue Headsets for Cellular button on the left side menu of this site and select any of the M-series headset models with the standard 2.5mm plug. If you prefer a full-strength, commercial-grade Plantronics headset, you may select any Plantronics H-series headset along with a special patch cord with a Quick Disconnect device at one end (to connect to the headset) and a 2.5mm plug at the other end (to connect to your cordless phone headset jack).

    Still not sure? Just give us a call toll free at (800)333-0020 or send us an email and a knowledgeable representative will promptly assist you.