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What are the Benefits of Using a Headset?

According to a Santa Clara Valley Medical Study, headsets reduce neck, upper back, and shoulder tension by as much as 41 percent. An additional study by H.B. Maynard & Co., Inc. concluded that adding hands-free headsets to office telephones improved productivity by up to 43 percent.

Reduce Shoulder Discomfort:
Cradling the telephone handset between your shoulder and ear can result in shoulder discomfort. A Plantronics headset eliminates the need to hold the telephone in this uncomfortable position. Your shoulders can stay completely relaxed as you enjoy a new level of comfort and freedom.

Reduce Neck Aches:
Squeezing the telephone between your shoulder and ear can be very stressful on your neck, often causing muscle spasms and stiffness. With a Plantronics headset you can keep your neck in an upright position. You'll appreciate the difference immediately.

Increase Blood Flow and Reduce Muscle Fatigue:
Craning your neck during extended phone calls can lead to improper cervical alignment. The result can be reduced blood flow and accelerated muscle fatigue. Plantronics headsets help to eliminate this problem by freeing you to move and sit more naturally.

Increase Productivity:
By making your workstation more comfortable and by freeing up your hands for other tasks, you'll find that you can get more work done each day.

Reduce Workers' Compensation Costs:
Headsets are known to reduce the chances of work-related physical disorders, specifically injuries of the neck and upper body, resulting in reduced workers' compensation costs.

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