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Which Wireless Headset is Best for Me?

Plantronics offers many wireless headsets for office use, each with its own set of benefits and features. Which one will best suit your needs? We're here to help!

QUESTION #1: What device do you want to use the wireless headset with? Your corded office desk phone, your computer and/or your cell phone?

Do you want the wireless headset to work with only your corded desk phone or do you also want it to work with your computer (for softphone applications) and/or your cell phone?

DESK PHONE ONLY: For your corded desk phone alone, we recommend the Plantronics CS500-Series, which includes the CS540, CS545, CS530, CS510 and CS520. These offer a myriad of wearing styles and a range of up to 350 ft (which is longer than a football field).

DESK PHONE, COMPUTER and CELL PHONE: If you want the headset to work on all 3 devices (desk phone, computer and cell phone), then choose one of the Plantronics Savi W700-Series such as W710, W720, W730, W740, W745. These models allow you to easily switch from a call on your desk phone to a call on your cell phone or computer. The range is up to 350 ft. (which is longer than a football field). Please note that the headset will only work with your cell phone while you are within range of the base at the office. It will not be for use in the car or out of the office.

DESK PHONE and CELL PHONE: If you want to use the headset with your desk phone at the office and with your cell phone whether at work, in your car or on the go, then you will want to choose the Plantronics Voyager Legend CS. Please note that the tradeoff for being able to use this headset in your car and on the go is reduced range. This bluetooth model has a range of only 33 ft max (compared to 350 ft for the above two categories).

QUESTION #2: Do you want or need the ability to answer and end calls remotely from the headset while away from your desk?

Some headset users are typically at or near their desk and they just want the ability to get up and move around while on a call. For these users, no remote answering device is needed. Simply plug the wireless base into your headset port (if RJ9 headset port is available on your phone) or your handset port. You will be able to re-connect your handset receiver to the base so it will still be operational as well.

Headset users who are on the move throughout the office will need either the HL10 automatic handset lifter or one of the many electronic hookswitch cables, also called EHS cords, in order to answer and end a call remotely from the headset. Whether you can use an EHS cable rather than an HL10 lifter is completely dependent on your phone's internal capabilities. Please click on our EHS compatibility chart to see if your phone is on the list.

QUESTION #3: What style headset do you prefer?

Do you prefer a headband over the top of your head for stability or just an ear hook looped around your ear for a more discreet appearance? Do you prefer to have speakers over both ears to block out distraction around you or just over one ear, to keep an ear open to what's going on around you?

Plantronics offers all of the above style configuration options, as well as convertible models (CS540 and W740) with interchangeable attachments for those who are not sure of their wearing preferences yet, or for those who just like to have versatility to wear it different ways. Click here to see all of your style options.

Additional Wireless Headset Information:

  • All Plantronics wireless headsets in the CS500-series and W700-series have a noise canceling microphone.
  • All headsets in the CS500-series and W700-series can be worn on either ear by simply flipping the microphone over.
  • Can I put a call on hold or transfer a call while away from my desk? Unfortunately, none of the wireless headsets have a hold button, line buttons, transfer button or dial pad. You will need to get back to your desk to press the necessary buttons on your telephone to perform these functions.
  • How does the wireless headset work on a multi-line phone? Plantronics wireless headsets work on both single-line and multi-line phones. When your phone rings, whichever line the ringing call is coming in on (it doesn't matter which line), that's is the line you will get when you answer the call on your headset. If you are away from your desk and you answer a call on your headset and then a second call rings in on another line, you would have to be at your desk to press the hold button on your telephone (to put the first caller on hold) and press the other ringing line button to grab the second call. There is no way to juggle more than one call simultaneously from the headset while away from your desk.

Need more help?
Feel free to give us a call at (800)333-0020 for help in selecting the right headset for your particular needs. Try one without risk for 60-days. We offer a money back guarantee with no restocking fees!