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Polycom SoundStation2W Basic (Wireless, Non-Expandable, with Display)  DISCONTINUED
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Polycom SoundStation2W Basic (Wireless, Non-Expandable, with Display) DISCONTINUED

Part #: 2200-07880-160
Suggested List: $819.00
Our Price: $599.00
Product Description
***DISCONTINUED*** Polycom SoundStation2W Basic wireless non-expandable (which means that you will not be able to add optional extra microphones for large rectangular conference tables) with display. Click here if you are looking for the expandable version of the Polycom SoundStation2W EX.

With Polycom SoundStation2W wireless there’s a conference phone without cords that gives you the freedom to conference anywhere, even where there is no phone line. Superior voice quality, proven 1.9 GHz wireless technology, voice encryption security, up to 24 hours talk time, and the ability to dial from a cellular telephone, the Polycom SoundStation2W wireless is the new standard for professional business conferencing.

When in an environment without a land line, simply connect to a line from your compatible cellular phone. Polycom SoundStation2W combines cell phone ease and convenience with exceptional voice quality. The standard 2.5mm headset cable provided enables users to instantly connect their cell phone to the conference phone. This feature gives users the option to dial direct through a cell phone or transfer between cell phone and Polycom conference phone during a conversation. Because the call is dialed through the cellular network, there is no need for an analog phone line, providing true portability and wireless freedom! Compatible cell phones for SoundStation2W EX

Polycom SoundStation2W wireless provides voice quality, volume and mic sensitivity allowing for clear 2-way conversations. Polycom's secure and proven 2.4 GHz or 1.9 GHz platforms provide robust wireless capability with any analog phone line. Features wireless roaming up to 150 feet from base station, wireless frequency hopping and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. 1-year Polycom factory warranty.

IMPORTANT: The Polycom SoundStation2W wireless conference phone does not require a phone line, making it portable and convenient. However, for use when you are in a conference room with a phone line, the Polycom SoundStation2W plugs into an analog line (RJ11). If your conference room has only digital lines (such as the type where you have to press 9 to dial out), you will need a digital to analog line converter such as this Konexx line converter.

Polycom SoundStation2W EX (Wireless, Expandable, with Display) DISCONTINUED
Suggested List: $1,019.00
Our Price: $759.00