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Headsets for Call Center, Office, Cell Phone or Computer

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Wireless Headset Solutions:
Plantronics understands that the pace of business is moving faster every day, and you need mobility to keep in step. The wireless headset solutions displayed in this section allow you to stay in touch as you move around the office, whether it's to confer with a colleague, send a fax or grab a file. One-year factory warranty included.

Complete Packages Complete Packages:
Plantronics offers complete, ready-to-go options such as those displayed in this section for your convenience. They take the guesswork out of buying a headset. Compatible with most single- and multi-line corded telephones.) Order one of the recommended complete packages in this section and get your headset (top) and amplifier (bottom) together as a set.

Corded Amps Traditional Corded Headsets with Direct Connect Cable or Amplifier:
Plantronics offers a wide selection of headset amplifiers and adapters to fit your feature preferences and budget. In this section you'll find our most popular corded solutions. We recommend the universally compatible M22 Vista amp if your phone does not have a direct connect headset port.

Over-the-Head Headsets Over-the-Head Style Headsets:
Plantronics over-the-head styles such as Supra Plus or Encore Pro are popular, lightweight headsets providing maximum stability and ease of use. Supra Plus and Encore Pro headsets are available in both monaural (one ear pad) and binaural (two ear pads) versions. Important: You'll need a corded amplifier, cordless amplifier, or direct connect cable to connect any of the headsets in this section to your single- or multi-line telephone.

Over-the-ear HeadsetsOver-the-Ear Style Headsets:
Plantronics over-the-ear headset style such as Mirage, TriStar or StarSet are sleek and lightweight for stylish design and all-day comfort. Important Note: You'll need a corded Plantronics amplifier, cordless amplifier or direct connect cable to connect any of the headsets shown in this section to your single- or multi-line telephone.

Convertible HeadsetsConvertible Styles (Wear over-the-head or over-the-ear):
Plantronics versatile convertible designs such as DuoPro™ or DuoSet® offer maximum freedom of choice. Convertible headsets allow you to alternate between over-the-head and over-the-ear based on your changing needs. Convertibles are ideal for first-time headset users not yet sure of their configuration preferences. Important Note:You'll need a corded amplifier, cordless amplifier or direct connect cable to connect any of the headsets displayed in this section to your single- or multi-line standard telephone.

Behind-the-head Headsets Behind-the-Neck Style Headsets:
Plantronics innovative DuoPro headset design offers all-day comfort and best-in-class sound quality. The DuoPro is now available in behind-the-neck models with noise-canceling microphone or the clear voice tube. New ergonomic innovations offer unsurpassed comfort, and a unique anti-twist boom ensures perfect microphone placement. Two-year warranty. Important: You'll need a corded amplifier, cordless amplifier, or direct connect cable to connect any of the headsets shown in this section to your single- or multi-line telephone.

Polaris Headsets Polaris Unamplified Headsets (for headset-ready telephones):
Plantronics Polaris models are only compatible with phone systems that are "headset ready" (usually marked with a headset symbol). Such phone systems contain a built-in amplifier. An external amplifier (such as M12 Vista) is not required. Polaris headsets feature Quick Disconnect™ and come complete with the necessary cord (QD to modular plug) to connect directly to your telephone deskset. With Polaris models, it is not necessary to lift the telephone handset to initiate a call. Two-year factory warranty.

Plantronics Parts and AccessoriesPlantronics Parts and Accessories:
Full line of parts and accessories available. Founders Telecom is your trusted supplier for all factory replacement parts and accessories. If you don't see a particular item, just give us a call.

Cellular HeadsetsCellular Phone Headsets:
Plantronics cellular headset styles are compatible with a wide variety of cellphone makes and models. Does your cellular or cordless phone have a standard, round, 2.5mm or 2.5mm headset jack? Do you prefer a wireless bluetooth headset? Please click the link above to see all options in this section.

Computer Headsets Computer Headsets:
Plantronics computer headset products provide superior comfort, durability and audiophile-approved sound. These PC headsets and microphones are perfect for online chat, Internet telephony, speech recognition, video conferencing, music and multimedia games. Choose a dual 3.5mm analog connector type or digital USB. Plantronics also offers a variety of wireless computer headsets.

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