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Plantronics Timeline - 40 Years of Quality

1961 "Pacific Plantronics" is incorporated on May 18, 1961.

1962 The MS-50, the world's first lightweight headset, is introduced for the aviation industry.

1963 United Airlines and PacBell begin ordering headsets.

1964 FAA adopts Pacific Plantronics headsets for air traffic control.

1967 Pacific Plantronics sales reach $5.4 million with 100,000 headsets in use.

1968 The first Apollo mission uses Pacific Plantronics headsets.

1969 Neil Armstrong's first words from the moon, "That's one small step" are transmitted via a Pacific Plantronics headset.

1970 Plantronics introduces the StarSet® headset, an over-the-ear headset with a unique clear plastic voice tube.

1972 Plantronics opens "Plamex," its new manufacturing facility in Mexico.

1973 Plantronics ships its one-millionth headset.

1975 The Quick Disconnect (QD) feature is added to the StarSet headset.

1977 Plantronics is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:PLT).

1979 Plantronics Custom Products Division formed as separate business unit.

1980 NASA uses Plantronics headsets for the space shuttle.

1981 Plantronics Custom Products Division creates Plantronics' first AC-powered amplifier.

1983 StarSet Supra®, better known as the Supra headset, is introduced.

1984 Plantronics named official headset of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

1986 Plantronics establishes Plantronics, Ltd., in the United Kingdom.

1989 Mirage® over-the-ear headset introduced.

1991 MobilStar, Plantronics' first mobile headset, introduced.

1993 Plantronics UK receives ISO certification, the first headset manufacturer in Europe to do so.

1995 The FreeHand® ultra-lightweight in-the-ear style headset introduced.

1996 The Encore® over-the-head style headset introduced.

1997 Plantronics forms the Mobile Communications Division to address the cordless and mobile phone market.

1998 M12 Vista™ amplifier introduced.

1999 Plantronics forms its Computer Audio Systems Division to develop next-generation products for computer applications and its Call Center and Office Division to serve the call center market and the expanding office segment.

2000 Plantronics introduces digitally-enhanced USB headsets for the PC and Mac.

2001 Plantronics celebrates forty years of headset leadership; announces new DuoPro convertible headset.

2002 Plantronics introduces new .Audio line of PC microphones and headsets designed to give consumers more styles and choices.