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Headsets for Shoretel 420, 480, 480G, 485

Shoretel phone models 420, 480, 480G, 485 can use any Plantronics H-series corded headset along with the Polaris connector cord shown below (part #27190-01). Simply click below to add the cable to your cart and to select any H-series headset to go with it. No Plantronics amplifier is needed! The cable below will connect the headset directly into your phone's dedicated headset port.

Wireless Note: Looking for a wireless headset for your Shoretel phone? The Plantronics CS540 is a great option. Click here to choose any of the Plantronics CS500-series wireless headset models.

Special tip for wireless headsets on Shoretel phones: You will not need the mechanical HL10 handset lifter since your Shoretel phone has built-in electronic hookswitch capability. If you want to get a beep tone in your earpiece to notify you that a call is coming in, then order the RD-1 ring detector to go with your wireless headset.