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Corded Headsets for Cell Phones and Smartphones

If your cellular phone is not an iphone or android smartphone, it most likely has a single small round 2.5mm jack marked "headset." You should be able to use any of the corded M-series headsets below which have a 2.5mm headset connector.

For iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smartphones, your device has a 3.5mm headset jack which requires a 3.5mm headset with 3 black bands on the plug (to make that extra stereo connection inside the port). You can use a 3.5mm headset, or choose any of the 2.5mm models and add the adapter shown at the bottom of this page.
Plantronics M214C Headset for Cordless Phones *DISCONTINUED*
Corded Headband Style Headset for iPhone, iPad, Smartphone 3.5mm
Suggested List: $35.95
Our Price: $33.95
Suggested List: $128.95
Our Price: $85.95